Baby Hazel Garden Party Baby Hazel Garden PartyBaby Hazel plans to host a Garden Party for her friends. She needs your help in setting up everything for the party. Begin the preparations by sending invitation to her friends. Later, dress up darling Hazel in flower­print party wears and accessories. Finally, join Baby Hazel and her friends to enjoy fun­filled games in the gathering.
Baby Hazel Rockstar Dressup Baby Hazel Rockstar DressupOur darling rockstar Baby Hazel is getting ready to go up on the stage and perform a rock show. Can you give Hazel the coolest makeover ever? Enjoy dressing up Hazel in cool outfit and accessories that gives her a perfect look of real rockstar. Wardrobe collection is huge so select the best clothes and accessories for Baby Hazel. Enjoy!
Baby Hazel Halloween Castle Baby Hazel Halloween CastleBaby Hazel visits Halloween castle on eve of Halloween Day. Let us join Hazel to explore mystery rooms of castle, which are filled with gifts and suprises. Enjoy Hallows'eve with Baby hazel.
Baby Hazel Princess Dressup Baby Hazel Princess DressupHave you imagine Baby Hazel in princess dress? Here is princess dress up game for our Baby Hazel. Choose the most beautiful clothes for Baby Hazel. Give her attractive hairstyle with beautiful crown, and don’t forget to give her shoes and jewelry matching to her dress. Make her look most beautiful.
Baby Hazel Hand Fracture Baby Hazel Hand FractureBaby Hazel slipped from table and fell down on floor. Mom rushes to doctor along with Hazel for check up. Doctor confirms for hand fracture. Convince Baby Hazel to get plaster on her hand and take medicines. Baby Hazel is unable to move her plastered hand and needs your help in performing her routine activities. Take a good care of Baby Hazel!
Baby Hazel Halloween Crafts Baby Hazel Halloween CraftsIts Halloween crafts making day in Baby Hazel's school and teacher has asked to bring Halloween crafts for class decoration. Let us join Hazel to help her in making Halloween crafts and design Halloween costumes. Then join Baby Hazel to decorate the class. There is also craft competition for kids. Be with Hazel and encourage her to create unique crafts. Enjoy Halloween day with Hazel!
Baby Hazel Beach Party Baby Hazel Beach PartyBaby Hazel's cousins, Ashley and Elisa are throwing a beach party for her and Kayla. Darling Hazel is excited for the fun and feasting she is going to enjoy in the party. Oh! But our little princess is confused for what style to wear. Help Hazel to select some cool party dress and matching accessories. Go along with Hazel to the venue to enjoy dance, feast on barbeque chicken and play fun-filled beach games.
Baby Hazel Swimming Time Baby Hazel Swimming TimeBaby Hazel decided that she wants to swim. She does not know how, and that s why she needs to ask her uncle to teach her. Help Hazel call her uncle and get ready for the swimming lesson. Join her in the pool and make sure she follows all the indications from her uncle. By the end of the day,Hazel will swim like a fish. Have fun!
Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic Baby Hazel Preschool PicnicBaby Hazel is excited for the school picnic to water park. Help Baby Hazel in packing her picnic bag with essential stuff and some eatables also. Join Hazel to play games and pranks on the way to water park. Spend great time with little princess while trilling with water slides. Have fun with Hazel in school picnic.
Baby Hazel Sibling Care Baby Hazel Sibling CareBaby Hazel is very much affectionate towards her little brother Matt. As mom is busy with cooking, so Hazel has to look after Matt and attend all his needs. Help little princess in taking care of her brother by feeding him on time, offering him his favorite toys and making him asleep when its bedtime.
Baby Hazel Learns Colors Baby Hazel Learns ColorsBaby Hazel explores different colors and their names through fun-filled activities. Her coloring session includes make over of doll with matching set of costume and accessories, making different colored frosting and coloring a picture with suitable shades. Join Hazel to enjoy these colorful activities and learn about different colors.
Baby Hazel Fancy Dress Baby Hazel Fancy DressFancy dress competition at school delights Baby Hazel and her friends. Theme of the competition is “Birds and animals”, so Hazel plans to dress up in a peacock costume. Join Hazel and mom to visit a store and purchase all the necessities required for tailoring the dress at home. Be creative in designing the peacock costume. On the final day, dress up Hazel in peacock costume and accessories.
Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance Baby Hazel Ballerina DanceCheerful morning of Baby Hazel starts with surprise gifts. While having shower, she is given interesting tasks to complete and on winning receives ballerina toys from mom. Another reason for Hazel to be very excited is that she is going to learn ballerina dance. But our little doll is feeling bit nervous and uneasy in her dance class. Can your encourage Hazel and make her comfortable so that she follows the instructions of teacher carefully.
Baby Hazel Kite Flying Baby Hazel Kite FlyingBaby Hazel wants to participate in Kite festival,but before she needs learn how to fly kites,prepare new kite and learn to fly kites with this new baby hazel game.
Baby Hazel Summer Fun Baby Hazel Summer Funtemperature which is making her sweat. Help her in getting relief from hot climate by having a refreshing bath. Don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion and talc as it will protect her skin from UV rays. Dress up her in comfortable light clothes.
Baby Hazel Parrot Care Baby Hazel Parrot CareBaby Hazel Parrot Care - Assist baby Hazel in playing with the parrot. This is amazing game with the hero who loves the pets and it is high time to help Baby Hazel in fulfiling duties. Earn the scores and become the winner of the game. Take your time, learn the instructions, plan your game and take your tour. This is your turn to be the winner along with Baby Hazel.
Baby Hazel Royal Bath Baby Hazel Royal BathLittle Baby Hazel is feeling a bit lonely today. Mom is busy comforting baby Matt most of the time, so our little princess is feeling left out. Be with her and keep her happy by fulfilling her needs.
Baby Hazel Tea Party Baby Hazel Tea PartyBaby Hazel is preparing for another special tea party. Help baby Hazel make the invitation for her friends,prepare the tea and snacks,and decorate the place. Then it is time to help her dress up for the special ocasion and all she has to do next is wait for her friends to arrive. Have fun!
Baby Hazel First Rain Baby Hazel First RainLets enjoy Baby Hazel's first rain with her friend and Bunny the hare. Oh no! Calm her down as she gets frightened with the thunders and rain. Help them to enjoy thoroughly in rain. Let's meet Hazel's new friends at the garden who enjoys the rains with her. Let's play to see how mischievous Hazel and her friends can be at the garden. Help them to enjoy every moment. Be ready to explore Hazel's first rain. Here you GO!
Baby Hazel School Hygiene Baby Hazel School HygieneFor a healthy living, hygiene care is very important. So, mom teaches baby Hazel healthy habits to maintain personal hygiene. At the same time, she reads about the school inspection day in the calender of Hazel. Help Hazel in getting ready for the inspection day. Trim her nails, comb her hairs properly, polish her shoes and give her a clean uniform to wear. Lets see will Hazel live up to the expectations of her teacher and get star for being a brilliant student. Enjoy learning hygiene tips with Hazel!
Baby Hazel Granny House Baby Hazel Granny HouseWow! Baby hazel's vacation is full of surprise. Today she is going to her granny's house for the very first time. Hazel is thoroughly excited and wishes to enjoy and each and every moment of being there. Be with darling Hazel and explore her granny's house and nearby areas. Attend all the needs of little lass and her grandparents. While at granny's place Hazel will be befriending with someone. Want to know who? Then play this game. Have fun!
Baby Hazel Laundry Time Baby Hazel Laundry TimeBaby Hazel got all dirty from playing outside in the rain, now she wants to wash the clothes and make them clean and fresh. Yet baby Hazel puts all clothes together and get them stained, so teach Hazel how to sort the white clothes from the colored on
Baby Hazel Learns Manners Baby Hazel Learns MannersBaby Hazel Learns Manners is a game where Both parents and baby hazel’s friends try hard to teach our little girl how to behave well and follow safety tips not to get hurt in the kitchen. As sweet home is the first place for everyone where good manners can be taught, join the game to dine with baby hazel in order to measure her good manners.
Baby Hazel Pet Party Baby Hazel Pet PartyHurray! Baby Hazel is organizing a fantastic party for her adorable pets, which have been really bored and mischievous lately, so how about you join her? Prepare her cat,rabbit and cute bird, dress them up in cute funny costumes and nice accessories, feed them their favorite toys and go outside in the back yard and enjoy fun activities. All of Hazel friends have come with their pets, so it sounds like fun.
Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene Baby Hazel Bathroom HygieneThis time Baby Hazel learns to maintain bathroom hygiene standards. Her bathroom is wholly messed up and bathroom accessories are stained and dirty. Help Hazel in performing hygiene care activities such as clearing the mess, unclogging a washbasin drain and cleaning the bathroom accessories.
Baby Hazel Mothers Day Baby Hazel Mothers DayLike any other kid, Baby Hazel loves her Mom very much. So, this year she wants to surprise Mom on with a Mothers Day celebration. So, Baby Hazel along with her Dad are busy making arrangements for the celebration. Can you help out little girl and take part in the family celebration? First you need to goto shop with Hazel and buy necessities. Then goto kitchen to prepare Mothers Day Cake and later decorate the room. Be part of this joyous day with Baby Hazel and her family. Have fun!
Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble Baby Hazel Sibling TroubleIt is a merry time for baby Hazel as mom and dad are out and kids are attended by nanny. But nanny is most of the time busy attending personal phone calls or enjoying small naps. See the other side of naughty Hazel, who with her mischievous activities troubles her care taker and keeps her awake. Be with Hazel to enjoy playing tricks and trouble nanny.
Hazel Spank Cute Baby Booty Hazel Spank Cute Baby BootyNaughty Baby has difficulty finishing meal. Mom is so angry about it! Now we need to punish the baby to make her be good, and let the baby eat meal! Have fun!
Baby Hazel Doctor Play Baby Hazel Doctor PlayBaby Hazel got awesome gift from her mom, teddy bear and doctor play kit.Help excited Baby Hazel explore new toys and play with her. Treat little teddy bear with doctor kit and make Baby Hazel happy.
Baby Hazel Winter Fun Baby Hazel Winter FunIts winter! There's snow fall outside. It's chilling! Our lovely Baby Hazel wants to make this day also a memorable one. Help her make a drawing of snowman. She plans to enjoy with snow by making a colorful igloo and of course skiing. Help Baby Hazel enjoy all this with her friends and learn skiing.
Baby Hazel Playdate Baby Hazel PlaydateBaby Hazel and Baby Jake are friends. They enjoy playing together. Today, Baby Hazel is going to Baby Jake's house for a play date. Their moms too, want to relax together while their kids enjoy playing.
Baby Hazel Skin Trouble Baby Hazel Skin TroubleCan you those small blisters on cutie Hazel's face. Hazel has got skin trouble. Mom calls up doctor for her princess daughter. For next few days Hazel can't have normal life and can't even touch things she loved till she gets rid of skin trouble. Her mom leaves no stone unturned while offering all the better thing s for her sweetie. It's really tough time for Hazel to go through this phase as she can't even play with little brother. She needs you at this moment. Be with her and offer her care and love till she gets well soon.
Baby Hazel Earth Day Baby Hazel Earth DayIn this week Baby Hazel game, baby Hazel is learning everything about Earth day.Can you help him planting and recycling stuff and celebrate Earth day in park with joy?
Baby Hazel African Safari Baby Hazel African SafariBaby Hazel is on her first holiday trip outside her country.She and her friend Bruno along with parents went to South Africa.What on exciting trip join Baby Hazel and her friend in this awesome jungle adventure.Help Baby Hazel with his needs and watch out him from jungle.
Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure Baby Hazel Lighthouse AdventureBaby Hazel is sailing with her friends on a boat and you can only imagine how much fun they are having. Singing songs, eating, playing in the pool and what happens next is very tempting. Baby Hazel sees lighthouse and is decided to visit the lighthouse by herself and on the way happens Lighthouse Adventure which requires your help and attention. Help Baby Hazel get through this adventure by giving her the things that she needs and keep her calm until she wakes up from her dream.
Baby Hazel Easter Fun Baby Hazel Easter FunBaby Hazel loves to celebrate Easter with her family. This year, Baby Hazel has been invited to her family's farm to collect fresh eggs so that she can paint them for the Easter egg hunt. She just collected a basket full of fresh eggs, so now it's time to head inside and begin preparing the eggs for painting. Help Baby Hazel boil the eggs, then use your skills to help this darling baby express her creativity by painting beautiful Easter eggs in this fun online baby game for girls!
Baby hazel bed time Baby hazel bed timeIt is Baby Hazel's bed time routine! First thing before sleeping is hygiene care. Brush her teeth and give her a shower. Then you need to make a bed for her. Tell her favorite bed time story until she drifts off to sleep. Baby Hazel may wake up in the middle of her sleep. Be with her and soothe her with lullabies, lovely lessons, and kisses.
Baby Hazel In Kitchen Baby Hazel In KitchenToday baby Hazel is helping her mom to make some delicious lunch.So let us have some fun time in the kitchen and help Hazel and her mom prepare yummy meal.
Baby Hazel Learns Shapes Baby Hazel Learns ShapesPlay this new game from Hazel game series and help Hazel learns shapes.First use some toys to teach Baby Hazel about the basic shapes.
Baby Hazel Skin Care Baby Hazel Skin CareBaby Hazel needs your help with her skin care,being winter Hazel skin is turning too dry and cracking all over.Can you help her ?
Baby Hazel Funtime Baby Hazel FuntimeHazel is an adorable baby. Mom needs help to take care of her and to keep her happy. Help mom in attending baby Hazel's needs like changing diapers, feeding and playing. Pay attention to baby Hazel's needs and fulfill them quickly to keep her happy.

Baby Hazel Games

Play fun and educational Hazel baby games at is a universal fact that taking care of a baby is hard work and parents would need to take care of them,feed them,dress them up and play with them and sometimes they even need to seclect some fun games for their babies,however,there are so many games on the internet,and most of them are boring and long, which lead to affect serious mental and physical health. Well,introducing babies to a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. On our website,we would share the cutest Hazel baby games that are very popular among teenage kids,the most important is that it is educational and fun, parents can be extremely carefree as all our contents are vigilantly and they are completely safe for kids.You can make friends with baby Hazel and this cute angel will teach you a lot! Hazel would teach our babies how to take care of other people,how to feed ,bathing and dress up them,and our babies would must make big progress with Hazel's growing! Remember to come back daily for all the exciting games,enjoy!